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Your sales are up for the month, with no customer complaints or returns. There are a bunch of new emails from prospective customers that your team forwarded, and it’s only 9 am! Your phone vibrates and when you check it, it’s confirmation of a huge order you’ve been waiting on for weeks.

This is every business owner’s dream, right? But the reality is, things aren’t always this rosy. Employees not showing up for work, customer complaints, and an onslaught of tax bills from the government are more likely your typical emails. Sure, as a business owner, you need to accept the good with the bad, but it’s pretty hard to feel good when you’re trying to manage the business among the ebbs and flows of customer orders.

I get it.

When I launched my first business back in 2010, the highs of a new customer order were quickly snuffed out by the laundry list of issues and expenses that my team brought forward. I spent thousands of dollars on mentors and gurus to help me find ways to generate new customers, but it always seemed like all they could offer was a pre-canned solution for my business.

Some of the ideas helped a bit, but most of them were a complete waste of time and money.

It wasn’t until I began building what I like to call my “Unstoppable Sales Machine” that I could finally relax, not worried about where my next customer or next order would come from. It wasn’t a pre-canned solution, but a method to activate everyone on my team to help me find new leads, and close more business.

Each week on this blog, I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at what’s working in my business, or for the dozens of clients I work with—and how you can make it work for your business too. I’ll share my best tips, tactics, insights, and case studies. In fact, the only thing you won’t get is all the hype!

The reason? I’m on a mission to help business owners and leaders around the world create an unstoppable sales machine that will allow them to stop worrying about where their next sale will come from. So if you want to be one of them, just enter your email address below and click “I’m in!” and I’ll make sure you get new strategies each and every week.

Founder, Unstoppable Sales Machine