what are your employees doing when you're not looking

What Are Your Employees Doing When You’re Not Looking?

What are your employees doing when you’re not looking? That’s a question that plagues most of the business owners and leaders I know. How are they interacting with customers? Are they ensuring a positive experience, or more focused on their own agenda? The answer is, it depends. I recently stopped by our local Home Depot…
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Speed Isn't Everything

Speed Isn’t Everything in Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, speed isn’t everything. There I was, standing in line with my coffee in hand and a long line of people behind me… but I wasn’t moving. You might think I was frozen in fear on account of the long line-up of people impatiently waiting for me to move on.…
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salesperson quit

My Salesperson Quit, Now What?

In today’s economy, losing a salesperson, or a sales rep or agent, isn’t uncommon. A booming economy, although healthy for business, can be horrible for turnover. What to do? Without diving into all of the reasons why this can happen, the key is to have a plan in place so that you aren’t left in…
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customer experience

What Are Your Customers Experiencing?

Unfortunately, you don’t know what your customers are experiencing during their interactions with your employees. I was recently trying to check out at a large retail store. It was somewhat early in the morning, about 8 am on a Saturday, so cashiers were just getting set up and there was only one lane open. Normally…
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wow customers

The Little-Known Secret to Wowing Your Customers

Ever wonder what the little-known secret is to wowing your customers? I often work with my private coaching clients on creating a “wow” experience for their customers.  It’s the first key step to growing their business. After all if you can’t keep a customer, your business won’t last long. What would a “wowing your customers”…
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when to pitch a new product or service

How to Pitch a New Product or Service [and get the sale!]

As a longstanding customer I contacted the Hilton in order to change a reservation for an upcoming hotel stay. I’ve always enjoyed the hospitality and friendly atmosphere of the Hilton brand. That is, until I made the call. My request was simple, downgrade my room from a King to two Double beds, so that I…
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passion for business means growth

Regain Passion for Your Business

I spoke to a group of business owners, who work in the Wood Industry, on the topic of growing their business. The intent of the talk was to spark new ideas on how to grow their businesses, shifting beyond tactical measures such as marketing and sales and instead building a framework for growth. Passion precludes…
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The secret to success, regardless of your objectives, requires consistent, meaningful, and powerful action towards attainment.

There is No Secret to Success

The secret to success? During a recent meeting with a business owner, our conversations ventured into discussing marketing and sales. The owner confided in me that his business had grown mostly on referrals and luck. Marketing was his nemesis. “What don’t you enjoy about marketing?” “Reaching out to contact customers and prospective customers just feels…
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Is your business scalable? Is your business offering additional products and services that are complimentary and offer additional value to customers and clients?

Are You Creating Value Opportunities?

Are you looking for value opportunities?  This past week a colleague and I had dinner in Cleveland at Mitchell’s Fish Market. During dinner I snapped a few photos. Mitchell’s is a franchise with nearly two dozen locations across the United States. What set’s them apart from their competition is their business model. Specializing in serving…
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