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are google ads worth it

Are Google Ads Worth It? [in 2020]

Are google ads worth it? Are spending fistfuls of cash in hopes of catching someone’s eye a wise decision? I’ll let you decide. But first, let me tell you about a situation with a client this past week. They were spending thousands on Google Ads, and not seeing much for results. Is that the Google…
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Sales Leads

16 Ways to Generate More Sales Leads for Your Business (in 2020!)

You feel nervous about the lack of sales leads you’ve been seeing. It’s been days, maybe even a week since you actually had a new customer. What if you don’t get any customers this month? Do you even have enough money to last you for the next 30 days? You’re scared, but you know you…
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Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing in 2020 (The Ultimate Guide!)

Is your small business marketing plan delivering a steady flow of customers like you expected? Do you even have a small business marketing plan? If not, don’t fear because you aren’t alone. It’s estimated that nearly 20% of all small businesses fail within the first year. An additional 30% fail by year five. One of…
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Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking: The Non-Digital Marketers Guide (in 2020!)

Ever wonder what the term “growth hacking” means? That might sound like a stupid question, but to be honest I wasn’t sure myself when I first began my business. It seemed like some magical new formula to business success. It isn’t. So why does the phrase get tossed around boardroom tables like a hot potato?…
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increase sales (even during a pandemic)

3 Steps to Increase Sales (even during a pandemic!)

Are you finding it difficult to make sales during tough economic times? Are you’re customers ignoring your emails? Fortunately there are three steps you can take to quickly, and repeatedly, increase sales (even during a pandemic). Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue When it comes to making sales, there are dozens if not hundreds of opinions…
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15 Ways to Find New Customers (During an Economic Downturn)

Are you nervous about what the future holds? Unsure as to whether your business will survive? These are all feelings every business owner or entrepreneur faces when it comes to their business. The cure, however, is to develop a system to find new customers. Attracting new customers requires that you provide value to your ideal…
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Thrive in times of uncertainty

How to Thrive During Times of Uncertainty

When you think back throughout your life, you’ve likely faced uncertainty numerous times. Despite the anxiety and unknown, you were able to overcome and move forward. Today is no different. Here’s how to thrive during times of uncertainty. Remember junior high? When I think back to my junior high school years, for example, there is…
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Keep Customers in times of disruption

How to Keep Customers Happy in Times of Disruption

There’s no doubt that we are facing some unprecedented times in our history. Entrepreneurs and business owners are faced with the challenge of how to keep customers in times of disruption. This said, the decline of business and consumer spending has been steeper than the toboggan hill I spent time at as a child! Fortunately,…
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Customer Objections

Why Customer Objections Should Excite You!

Are you running up against customer objections on a regular basis? If you are, it’s a sign you’re doing something right! First off, objections are just a normal part of the sales process. In fact, they are so normal that if you aren’t getting objections you are likely doing something wrong.. Secondly however, customer objections…
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are three ways you can find new customers without spending any money

3 Ways to Get More New Customers (in 2020!)

If you want to increase your sales (and who doesn’t?), the best method is to add new customers. You might argue that finding and adding new customers is too difficult or costly, but that’s where you’re wrong… New customers are waiting to work with you. If you follow a system like our coaching clients do,…
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