Why Customer Objections Should Excite You!

Why Customer Objections Should Excite You!

Customer Objections

Are you running up against customer objections on a regular basis?

If you are, it’s a sign you’re doing something right! First off, objections are just a normal part of the sales process. In fact, they are so normal that if you aren’t getting objections you are likely doing something wrong..

Secondly however, customer objections are a sign of interest… Think about that for a moment.

If someone was truly put off by what you are offering them, they would likely either hang up, or walk away. But if they stick around and hurtle objections your way, then they must be interested!

In this video I share exactly why objections are a sign of interest, and what you can do when you encounter them.

So, now what are your thoughts on those often depressing objections? Kind of makes you want to go out and get more, doesn’t it?

Well, truth be told this tip can also provide ideas on which customers are most interested in what you have to sell… More objections can, in some instances, suggest more interest.

As a take away from the video, comment below with some of the objections you receive on a daily or weekly basis! Which do you find are difficult to overcome? What are your responses to the objections?


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