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The Unstoppable Organization Sales Intensive (full immersion program)

For over a decade, we’ve been supporting business owners and leaders in the development of their growth strategy, creating a clear vision towards achieving rapid and sustainable sales growth.

Our results speak volumes!

“Shawn’s approach to formulating our strategy was robust and thought provoking. He instilled new ideas and helped us reach consensus quickly on the most valuable direction for our organization.” Nicole Burgess

Our proprietary approaches unlock creative ideas and solutions to find, attract and increase your ideal customers and your sales revenue. The successes of our many clients have been the result of the approach and processes we use to unlock knowledge derived from not only your team, but also your customers, suppliers, competitors and other key stakeholders.

Vision for Growth: What does your ideal future look like? We delve deep into identifying where you would like your business to be in 12, 24, and 48 months, as well as defining the role you choose to play in the business.

Laser Focus: What is the shortest path to achieve your results? We identify the fastest possible way to achieve your desired results. This is all about challenging assumptions, and then using what we know and what we believe to be true in order to define your path to a successful business.

Rapid Results: With your future defined, we focus on who your key players. Who will be involved, what is their role, and how will they be held accountable? This is the stage at which we put horsepower behind your Laser Focus to propel your business forward.

Applied Agility: The key to any successful strategy is to be able to measure and adjust as you proceed. We clearly define milestones and develop simple dashboards allowing you to stay on your game.

Rocket Launch: In this final stage, we formulate your plans that will be the underpinning of your growth strategy. To do this, we outline the specific strategies that you will start, stop, and continue, in order to support the achievement of your Focus and Action plans.

“Shawn’s services were instrumental in helping us to understand how to structure and support our business from a strategic perspective. His ability to help us formulate our strategy and develop a clear action plan to effectively deliver upon that strategy was instrumental to the successful launch of this division.” Steve McKenna, McKenna Distribution.”

Is the Sales Intensive right for you? You can book a 30-minute call here (calendly) and we can discuss whether it will fit your objectives. If you prefer, send an email (shawn@unstoppablesalesmachine.com)

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