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activate your team to sell

How to Activate Your Team to Sell (More!)

If you want to sell more, you have to activate your team to sell. Whether you are trying to attract, close or retain customers, it’s a team sport. This past week this was the topic I delivered during a virtual presentation to TEC members across Canada. The topic was creating Unstoppable Growth in a company,…
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find that perfect lead

How to Find A Perfect Lead [in 2021!]

Are you searching to find that perfect lead? You know the one. Your ideal customer. They want to work with you. Have an unlimited budget. No objections. Offer repeat business without all of the hassles. Ahh.. Doesn’t that sound nice? Well, they’re out there. Seriously, you can find that perfect lead over and over again.…
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are google ads worth it

Are Google Ads Worth It? [in 2021]

Are google ads worth it? Are spending fistfuls of cash in hopes of catching someone’s eye a wise decision? I’ll let you decide. But first, let me tell you about a situation with a client this past week. They were spending thousands on Google Ads, and not seeing much for results. Is that the Google…
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Social Media Mistakes

10 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make (and Why They Don’t Work)

Social media. You use it all the time for fun. But why is it so complicated when you decide to use it for business? Are there social media mistakes that will ruin all your marketing efforts? Which one is the best one to use? Facebook is the big one, but “everyone” says their fans never…
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Content Marketing for Small Business

6 Ways to Use Content Marketing for Small Business (in 2021!)

Are you using Content Marketing for Small Business? Do you even need one? Good question. Let’s start with a different question. Have you ever Googled something? Silly question, of course you have. 🤪 Did you know that the answers you find are a direct result of content marketing? That’s right. With the exception of ads,…
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Customer Referral

13 Ways to Get a Customer Referral Every Time (+examples!)

I can still remember my first customer referral. A colleague had recommended my services to one of his clients, and after a quick call, the client was ready to proceed. No lengthy process to find them. No need to fly to meet them. Heck, there wasn’t even a reason for them to think about it.…
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Improve Customer Experience

How to Improve Customer Experience (the 2021 Ultimate Guide!)

What would the impact be if you could improve customer experience in your business? How would making ongoing improvements in this area affect your ability to get more customers? According to a recent PwC study, 86% of people who have an exceptional customer experience buy again. Let that settle in for a second… Not only…
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increase sales (even during a pandemic)

3 Steps to Increase Sales (even during a pandemic!)

Are you finding it difficult to make sales during tough economic times? Are you’re customers ignoring your emails? Fortunately there are three steps you can take to quickly, and repeatedly, increase sales (even during a pandemic). Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue When it comes to making sales, there are dozens if not hundreds of opinions…
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15 Ways to Find New Customers (During an Economic Downturn)

Are you nervous about what the future holds? Unsure as to whether your business will survive? These are all feelings every business owner or entrepreneur faces when it comes to their business. The cure, however, is to develop a system to find new customers. Attracting new customers requires that you provide value to your ideal…
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Keep Customers in times of disruption

How to Keep Customers Happy in Times of Disruption

There’s no doubt that we are facing some unprecedented times in our history. Entrepreneurs and business owners are faced with the challenge of how to keep customers in times of disruption. This said, the decline of business and consumer spending has been steeper than the toboggan hill I spent time at as a child! Fortunately,…
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