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PR on a budget

How to Have Successful PR on a Budget (+ examples!)

Trying to determine how to have a successful PR on a budget? No matter the size of your business, it’s always a good idea to spend time considering the most effective PR. With this in mind, you can determine what budget is required to support your objectives. This remains true when it comes to your…
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why are social networks are so useful for businesses that sell to consumers

Why Are Social Networks Useful for Businesses That Sell to Consumers?

If you own a business, you’ve likely asked yourself why social networks are so useful for businesses that sell to consumers. After all, aren’t they meant for social interactions, rather than sales? Moreover, if what you sell is to businesses (rather than consumers), why would you ever use social networks for marketing? The key is…
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which of the following is the primary objective of demarketing

Which of the Following is the Primary Objective of Demarketing? (in 2021!)

A quick pop quiz for you. Which of the following is the primary objective of demarketing? Is it to slow down or back off on specific marketing activities? Would you use demarketing to target your competition’s product or service? How about its use to discourage customers from buying a specific product or service? To be…
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Sales Funnels

Why You Need Sales Funnels (+where to start)!

If you own a business of any kind, you’ve likely considered creating sales funnels. In a day and age in which everyone is moving some portion of their business online, sales funnels are a powerful tool. Promoting your business may seem to involve a lot of sending out mailings and knocking on doors, without seeing…
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how to use visual branding

How to Use Visual Branding (+examples)

Have you ever wondered how to use visual branding in your business? If not, you should be. To be honest though, you might not even know what visual branding is, or why you need it. Those are the questions we’ll answer today. To begin with, let’s focus on why visual branding is important. Images have…
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is email marketing dead

Is Email Marketing Dead (in 2021)?

Is email marketing dead? That question has been thrown around by industry experts for years and has sparked a lot of debate. Those who haven’t been impressed with their email marketing ROI may tell you that it doesn’t work in 2021, but there are still many success stories that say otherwise. Before you downplay the…
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find that perfect lead

How to Find A Perfect Lead [in 2021!]

Are you searching to find that perfect lead? You know the one. Your ideal customer. They want to work with you. Have an unlimited budget. No objections. Offer repeat business without all of the hassles. Ahh.. Doesn’t that sound nice? Well, they’re out there. Seriously, you can find that perfect lead over and over again.…
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get your customers attention

How to Get A Customers Attention (online)

Trying to get your customers attention can be one of the hardest things to do. This past weekend, we decided to sell a wooden swing that has been in our family for over a decade. My dad dropped it off for our boys to use last year, but after our most recent winter, several of…
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are google ads worth it

Are Google Ads Worth It? [in 2021]

Are google ads worth it? Are spending fistfuls of cash in hopes of catching someone’s eye a wise decision? I’ll let you decide. But first, let me tell you about a situation with a client this past week. They were spending thousands on Google Ads, and not seeing much for results. Is that the Google…
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How to reduce ad spend to increase quality of leads

PPC and Facebook Ads: How to Reduce Adspend to Increase the Quality of Leads

Frustrated with the amount of money you’re spending on digital advertising? Wondering how to reduce ad spend to increase the quality of leads? You’re not alone. Every year, millions of small business owners spend way more on marketing and advertising than they need to. The result is a hodge-podge mixture of results that cost too…
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