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You might be the problem

Sales Slow? You Might Be The Problem

Are your sales slow? Have you ever thought that you might be the problem? Let me explain. Recently, I was setting up some services with a new company, who in turn had a second company act as a third party to verify the information that I had provided them. I wouldn’t call the experience positive.…
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More Customer Leads

3 Simple Ways to Generate More Customer Leads

Are you looking for ways to generate more customer leads? When it comes to increasing sales, there are thousands of so-called experts out there. For most the focus is to generate more qualified leads. More customer leads that should be ready and willing to buy, versus close more sales. After all, if you are good…
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If even one of these twelve ways to increase your sales would bring more business, then not introducing them is like throwing away free money.

Twelve Ways to Increase Your Sales at Low or No Cost

Often there are little things that can be done to increase sales, without investing a lot of time or money. Of course, how each idea is integrated, and the degree to which it is effective, will depend on the type of business you are in. What have you got to loose? That said, if even…
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