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increase sales (even during a pandemic)

3 Steps to Increase Sales (even during a pandemic!)

Are you finding it difficult to make sales during tough economic times? Are you’re customers ignoring your emails? Fortunately there are three steps you can take to quickly, and repeatedly, increase sales (even during a pandemic). Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue When it comes to making sales, there are dozens if not hundreds of opinions…
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Science of Selling Virtually

How to Sell Virtually [Secret Science!]

Wondering how to sell virtually? This question has never been more important in today’s new economy… Especially at times like now when you can’t actually see your customers face to face! The lock downs and travel restrictions may have limited our ability to meet with customers. Fortunately they don’t stop anyone from flipping from selling…
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15 Ways to Find New Customers (During an Economic Downturn)

Are you nervous about what the future holds? Unsure as to whether your business will survive? These are all feelings every business owner or entrepreneur faces when it comes to their business. The cure, however, is to develop a system to find new customers. Attracting new customers requires that you provide value to your ideal…
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Customer Objections

Why Customer Objections Should Excite You!

Are you running up against customer objections on a regular basis? If you are, it’s a sign you’re doing something right! First off, objections are just a normal part of the sales process. In fact, they are so normal that if you aren’t getting objections you are likely doing something wrong.. Secondly however, customer objections…
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How to Get Your Employees to Sell For You

How to Get Your Employees to Sell For You

Can you get employees to sell for you? The short answer is yes! A friend of mine recently relocated to start a new career. He left many of his possessions behind with the intention of moving only what he needed. Over time, he would sell any remaining items (fortunately he didn’t have much to move).…
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are three ways you can find new customers without spending any money

3 Ways to Get More New Customers [best guide!]

If you want to increase your sales (and who doesn’t?), the best method is to add new customers. You might argue that finding and adding new customers is too difficult or costly, but that’s where you’re wrong… New customers are waiting to work with you. If you follow a system like our coaching clients do,…
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stronger sales

Stronger Sales Result from Doing These Things [right now!]

I was facilitating a virtual two-day Unstoppable Organization Sales Intensive with a longstanding client last week. They had been experiencing stronger sales so we were focused in on what had changed. We initially spent time determining exactly what’s working and what was different. The ingredients to this exercise would feed their sales plan moving forward.…
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If you aren’t trying to find the next measure in sales and driving your own traffic, you’re at risk of having everything come to a screaming halt

The Most Important Measure in Sales [not what you think!]

How do you measure in sales? When I sold cars over a decade ago, the process was quite simple. The dealer principal placed ads in the local newspaper and on the radio to bring in potential customers. As prospects arrived, we tried to sell them a car. Pretty simple strategy. It worked. Generating Sales Whether…
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Secret Salesforce

How to Sell More With Your Secret Salesforce [in 2021!]

Sell More Using Your Secret Salesforce Over the holidays, my two boys spent a day going door to door collecting empty bottles and cans for a bottle drive, their contribution to their hockey team’s upcoming tournament. Initially, only my oldest was going to go door to door, but his younger brother decided to join him…
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stretch goals

The Power of a Stretch Goal [and why you need one!]

Every successful entrepreneur I know has a stretch goal. It’s not always reasonable, but it’s something that motivates them to keep going. Always in pursuit of a stretch goal myself, I recently pickup up a book titled “Finish” by Jon Acuff. It’s a book about how to set goals in a manner that ensures you…
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