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If even one of these twelve ways to increase your sales would bring more business, then not introducing them is like throwing away free money.

Twelve Ways to Increase Your Sales at Low or No Cost

Often there are little things that can be done to increase sales, without investing a lot of time or money. Of course, how each idea is integrated, and the degree to which it is effective, will depend on the type of business you are in. What have you got to loose? That said, if even…
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Overcome your sales teams objections

How to Overcome Your Sales Teams Objections [and move forward!]

How can you overcome your sales teams objections? It’s pretty straight forward when a customer objects, but what if the sales team themselves are objecting? When it comes to internal team objections, most are the result of “not-knowing”. Their not actually an objection at all. Several years ago, a client contacted me about helping to…
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Speed Isn't Everything

Speed Isn’t Everything in Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, speed isn’t everything. There I was, standing in line with my coffee in hand and a long line of people behind me… but I wasn’t moving. You might think I was frozen in fear on account of the long line-up of people impatiently waiting for me to move on.…
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when to pitch a new product or service

How to Pitch a New Product or Service [and get the sale!]

As a longstanding customer I contacted the Hilton in order to change a reservation for an upcoming hotel stay. I’ve always enjoyed the hospitality and friendly atmosphere of the Hilton brand. That is, until I made the call. My request was simple, downgrade my room from a King to two Double beds, so that I…
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Is your business scalable? Is your business offering additional products and services that are complimentary and offer additional value to customers and clients?

Are You Creating Value Opportunities?

Are you looking for value opportunities?  This past week a colleague and I had dinner in Cleveland at Mitchell’s Fish Market. During dinner I snapped a few photos. Mitchell’s is a franchise with nearly two dozen locations across the United States. What set’s them apart from their competition is their business model. Specializing in serving…
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