The Most Important Measure in Sales [not what you think!]

The Most Important Measure in Sales [not what you think!]

If you aren’t trying to find the next measure in sales and driving your own traffic, you’re at risk of having everything come to a screaming halt

How do you measure in sales?

When I sold cars over a decade ago, the process was quite simple.

The dealer principal placed ads in the local newspaper and on the radio to bring in potential customers.

As prospects arrived, we tried to sell them a car.

Pretty simple strategy. It worked.

Generating Sales

Whether you operate a car dealership, or you sell insurance.

There are only three things you need to generate sales.

First, you needed traffic.

Second, you needed something to sell people.

Lastly you needed to have people with the ability to sell.

What isn’t so easy to find however is a fourth element.

Something you can’t easily find.

Moreover it’s something that every salesperson needs to have in order to connect with customers and even have the opportunity to make a sale.


Reflecting back, I can still remember doing things outside the dealership to help drive traffic directly to me anytime the opportunity presented itself.

From distributing my own homemade flyers, to sitting on the phones calling past leads and customers.

The more I hustled, the more traffic walked in the door and asked for me.

I often connect with business owners that are so tied to the day-to-day operations of their business, they don’t spend any time hustling.

Big mistake.

If you aren’t trying to find the next sale and drive your own traffic, you’re at risk of having the whole thing come to a screaming halt.

Fortunately, there are some straightforward strategies many of our coaching clients use.

These ensure they continue to hustle, even when their daily “stuff” absorb much of their time.

Here are a few of the more popular options:

  1. Weekly Time blocking: Set time aside in your calendar every week to call, email or otherwise connect with past customers.
  2. Monthly Calendar days: Similar to option 1, set aside a day each month to hit the road. Visit with past, existing, and potential customers in an effort to build relationships and find new business.
  3. Install Automation: Build auto-responders in the form of email, messenger, or texting that ensure every potential customer is introduced to their business and the opportunity to work together.

Personally, I recommend a combination of all three of these strategies to ensure leads and opportunities continue to flow.

You need sales to survive.

The best way to consistently generate sales is through some forethought, a little planning and a lot of hustle.

Which of these strategies will you commit to this year?



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