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Trusted Advisor

When it Comes to Solid Advice, We Are Your Trusted Advisor.

Looking for advice from someone outside of your business?

Seeking input on a challenge that’s holding your business back?

I’ve acted as a trusted advisor to business owners and executives for nearly two decades. I limit these interactions to no more than five at a time, ensuring that each leader receives priority attention.

Those that engage with me on an advisory level have full access to my expertise and experience whenever they need it. Using my experience when and where it can make the most difference.

My clients often tell me that having me as their trusted advisor is like having an insurance policy. It provides exclusive access to my expertise, ideas and counsel so that you can tackle challenges and seize opportunities in real time.

Most importantly I offer no filter, only my unabridged and unbridled opinions and ideas based on working with leaders similar to you for nearly fifteen years.

My role as a trusted advisor can be behind the scenes, as an invisible confidante, or more public.

I can join you in meetings with partners, stakeholders, board members and even senior managers.

Some examples of how my clients have engaged me as a trusted advisor include the following:

  1. A sounding board for strategic advice.
  2. A source of ideas or perspective.
  3. A devil’s advocate for inherently risky scenarios or situations.
  4. As a third party to provide an objective review.
  5. A support system for accountability.

There are three dimensions to my role:

A. Those involved

I can work just with you, or with several members of your team at the same time.

B. Typical scope

You will have unlimited access to me during regular business hours with a response time of 90 minutes. We can arrange access for after-hours if you require, through a combination of face-to-face, video conference, telephone and Instant Message.

C. Duration

Most leaders engage my services initially for a period of six (6) months to gain comfort in our relationship, with the predominance extending this to 12 and 24 month durations.

The duration of my advisory services are often centered on specific circumstances such as significant business challenges or transformations, contract negotiations, new product launches or mergers and acquisitions.


If you’d like to explore whether my Trusted Advisor service is the right fit for your needs, feel free to book a call with me or send me an email to shawn@unstoppablesalesmachine.com.